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Riva del Garda is the pearl of Lake Garda

In this wonderful city you find our Residence and Residence Segattini and Residenza Le Due Torri which offer modern apartments with many facilities like  swimming pool, tennis, fitness, and lots of green for a pleasant holiday of relaxation and sport for all.

Its Mediterranean climate, wide sunny beaches and beautiful panorama are the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday on Lake Garda? or more than one if you wish!

Riva del Garda is the main centre of Northern Lake Garda. It is the ideal location for an eventful holiday. Sport is the main motivation for the holiday: sailing and windsurfing in the first instance, but also hiking, cycling, mountain biking, tennis, canoeing. The mild climate favours a typically Mediterranean vegetation with lemon trees, olive trees, laurels and palm trees: a true Mediterranean island at the foot of the Dolomites.


Arco is your best location for an active and reinvigorating holiday. 

Our Residence Segattini and Residenza Le Due Torri are 1,5 km from and Arco is situated at the heart of the northern Lake Garda region. At one end, Arco faces Lake Garda, while its other end is surrounded by the mountains. It is a well-known holiday resort by virtue of its mild climate, clean and healthy air and its position right by the lake-side.

Archduke Albert of Habsburg built his winter residence, the Villa Arciducale, in Arco. Surrounded by a lush park, the Arboretum, it hosts exotic and Mediterranean plants. The Habsburgs ornated the city with parks and gardens, elegant liberty villas and beautiful palaces. The Castle of Arco, one of the most beautiful medieval fortresses in the Alps, was built by the Counts of Arco at the top of a towering rock overlooking the plain of the river Sarca and offers a breathtaking panorama.


Torbole on Lake Garda for Sport People!

Torbole, is situated on the Northof Lake Garda, between Monte Baldo and the Sarche plain on the Northern side, is the most sought-after destination for windsurfing,  our Guest of Residence Segattini and Residenza Le Due Torri here find the best the Surf & Sailing School Segnana in Torbole will have a special treatment of -10% discount on all activities, from courses to equipment rental, surf and boats. It is a sailing and windsurfing centre of international relevance. Torbole on Lake Garda is a good starting point for mountain bike, easy walks and treks. 

Torbole used to be a little fishing and boating village. The tiny harbour is the most picturesque corner of Torbole, with its Old Customs House and House Beust.

Torbole fascinated  Goethe, who described its winds as one of the wonders of nature and a breathtaking sight. The descriptions of Goethe prompted many painters and poets to visit Torbole on Lake Garda as part of  their Grand Tours.

Nago here the best view of Lake!

Nago is situated on rock north of Torbole and on the way to the Adige valley. The Penede castle and the Austro-Hungarian fort of Nago was strategic surveillance points on the main route that led from the Adige valley to the Lake Garda. The castle and the forts are open to the public. 

Here you find the Marmitte dei Giganti, glacial excavation wells dating back from the Quaternary era.


The lake of Tenno!

The Tenno lake, with its crystal clear water and uncontaminated surroundings,  is an island of tranquillity, and ideal for swimming. From our Residence Segattini & Residenza Le Due Torri are 10 min with Car; it is called "the blue lake" because the surrounding forests and the white stones of its bed give it a blue-green hue. The Tenno lake can be reached only on foot, after a short walk  down a flight of steps dating back from medieval times.

Tenno benefits from a typically Mediterranean climate, even if it is immersed in the Alpine environment. The characteristic local terraced plantations include olive groves, vineyards and chestnut groves. 

Tenno has preserved intact its origins dating back from the bronze age. The village of Canale di Tenno is one of the most beautiful in Italy. The House of Artists and the park of arts and crafts are meeting places for artists and venues for cultural activities. Tenno and the surrounding hamlets are part of the Judicaria Ecological Museum "from the Dolomites to Lake Garda". 

From the castle of Tenno, you will enjoy a beautiful view of Lake Garda. The castle, built around the twelfth century, overlooks the ancient village of Frapporta and the little church of San Lorenzo, one of the most notable examples of Romanic art in the Trentino region.


Valle di Ledro nature & sport!

The Valle di Ledro (Ledro valley), situated a few kilometers away from Lake Garda and from our Residence Segattini and Residenza Le Due Torri in the southern part of the Trentino region, is an ideal place for mountain and lake holidays.
The lake Ledro is considered the starting point for marvellous and spectacular mountain bike and walking excursions. Mountain bike fans have available 200 Km of paths, on cycling trails, forest roads and old military roads, with breathtaking panoramas both over Lago di Ledro and Lake Garda. An ideal path for mountain bike lovers leads from lake Ampola to mount Tremalzo.  
The beach of the lake Ledro is surrounded by forests and meadows and offers you occasion for relaxation, fun and play.
The pile dwelling museum on lake Ledro takes you back 4000 years. It exhibits  objects from everyday life of the early population of the lake area and the remains of the old pile dwelling village dating back from the bronze age. 
The remains to be found in the Valle di Ledro take us back to war times: the Third War of Independence and the First World War were fought in this valley too. The Garibaldi Museum and the War Memorial are testaments to those war events.
The fruit syrups and the liqueurs (the Picco Rosso) from the Foletto pharmacy are the main attractions of the Museum of the Foletto pharmaceutical laboratory, showing the origins and history of this kind of laboratory.