Residence Segattini



Biking Holidays on Lake Garda...... (01/11/2020 - 06/11/2021)

Residence Segattini & Residenza Le Due Torri are in Garda Trentino, a unique area for your holiday on two wheels. Peerless trails for MTBs (with over 2000 m ascent from lake to peak), itineraries for racing bikes and world class sport events turn Garda Trentino into the ideal place for sport enthusiasts, to train or just to have fun..


Bike Park Busatte 4 Km from our Residence Segattini & Residenza Le Due Torri


Loc. Busatte

38069 - Torbole sul Garda

Tel: +39 347 2880570 info@busatteadventure.it



A unique place for bikers:

an exciting bmx track with over 400 metres of jumps, ramps and half pipes;

kilometres of trails and single tracks for mtb;

fun obstacle track, perfect for improving technique. 500 metres through the trees with natural hurdles, steep descents and uphill stretches, changes of direction, a rope bridge and sections across wooden planks;

trial bike areas, built using rocks and tree trunks for daredevil tricks;

fun bike rides selected by expert Mtb guides

hire facilities for MTB, BMX, and protective gear.



Mountain & Garda Bike: from rock to water!

M&GB is a single bike area which allows you to experience marvellous rides through breathtaking landscapes all near our Residence Segattini and Residenza Le Due Torri. From Lake Garda to Valle di Ledro and Tremalzo, from Valle dei Laghi to Monte Bondone  and to Monte Baldo, a stunning scenery is 100% guaranteed!

M&GB, a unique bike arena between lake and peaks

M&GB, fun and pure adrenalin!

A two wheel journey from rock to water

A loop of more than 218 km with 10 thousand metres of difference in height, hundreds of kilometres of mapped side trails through landscapes and views either familiar or yet to be discovered:  all of this in one of the most beautiful region of Italy.

Mountain & Garda Bike: a new opportunity for all MTB fans, who are more and more choosing to stay and have fun on the northern shores of Lake Garda, exploring the area up as far as Trento and the foothills of the Dolomites, always a favourite destination for bikers from all over Europe.

A ceaseless ride among rocky peaks and stretches of water, challenging hills and easy trails, discovering the beauty of Garda Trentino, Monte Bondone and Valle dei Laghi, Monte Baldo, Tremalzo and Valle di Ledro.